Vanessa Dembo

I am originally from Caracas Venezuela, a country that no matter how much money you have, you always have to smell nice, look good and be put together. As vain as it sounds, I grew up that way, exercising every day, having blowouts, manicures weekly etc.I was very well known over there, a very well accomplished singer and a radio and TV celebrity.

After moving to Minneapolis-Minnesota, I had to find the way to keep my self put together as much as I could like in Venezuela besides finding my professional niche.The difference in prices and the low maintenance of women here made my beauty journey into self-learning process. That includes: finding the places and the people I could trust not setting aside finding my niche of how I was going to start my career from scratch.

Then, I realized that I had way more work to do than what I thought.

Not only finding the places and the people worried me, understanding this whole new culture of quietness and passive aggressiveness “Minnesota nice” was very difficult to adjust.I realized that it was not going to be easy to start my music career here so I had to reinvent myself….The love for exercise came into my mind and one day I woke y and said to myself:

“I need to put more spice into this city, I need to bring my Latin roots here”. “I want to empower women to look good, to take care of themselves, I want to teach them how to look and feel sexy but always being CHIC.”

There is when my journey started. Almost 9 years ago, I went to the Calhoun Beach Club and ask if I could teach a Latin Fusion dance class and surprised they said yes!!I had no idea what I was going to do but living in this foreign culture I didn’t know how to go about it. It was then when I decided to bring the Latin flavor and improvise. I EMPOWER women in my classes to feel sexy and beautiful no matter how they are.

Then started meeting people, making new friends and having wonderful feedback of how good my classes made them feel after.

Currently I teach Zumba at Lifetime fitness and the Jewish community center. In the fall I add my Barre classes at the Edina community center. For more information about me and my classes go to my website VANESSA DEMBO  or directly to my class schedule

Join me in my beauty journey ..