My closet is full of things but not every day I have the chance to get on my high heels and cute little outfits to go out. Being a mom, wife, a Zumba and Barre instructor makes it harder. Mostly every day I am wearing exercise clothes and I don’t have the chance to get all done up all the time. It’s a lot of work!!

When there is a babysitter… I go, “its show time folks!!”” LOL! I JUST ENJOY digging into my closet. I love to combine styles, accessories and always have an accent piece that will pop.

I knew I wanted to wear the red pencil skirt, the lace black wrap and the Animal print sandals but I was not quite sure what I wanted as a top.  From the beginning I knew I wanted a white top but I wasn’t sure which type: Fitted, flowy, straight, square etc…

First, I chose a fitted white top, those ones that look like a corset but NO, that one didn’t accentuate the whole outfit. My final decision was a flowy asymmetrical white top. The reason I chose this one is because the pop accent this time was the red fitted pencil skirt so  adding the asymmetrical white shirt  accentuated the skirt but at the same time, it was letting the skirt be the pop accent. I  was looking for a Chic look more than anything. Over that I added some accesories ( bracelets) and VOILA!!


Pencil Skirt and Top : BCBG

Sandals: Manolo Blahnik

Black Lace Wrap: Anthropologie



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