There are a lot of different types of sneakers in the market. You can find Sneakers (Athletic shoes) for: Soccer, golf, running, cross training and anything you can think of.

Believe it or no, there are also SNEAKER DANCE SHOES FOR DANCING..yes, even ZUMBA® ones.

I come across in my classes with a lot of people that don’t want to buy an extra pair of dance sneakers (or Zumba shoes) because they think it’s not necessary.

Well, let me tell you that if you are planning to attend to a dance class or a Zumba® class, you should consider getting one of those. The reason is this: if you are using your regular sneakers shoes for dance classes, their sole is designed to have special grip to the floor  that won’t let you spin,twist and or slide freely. Being said that, in time, your knees will be in pain and probably you won’t be able to come back to classes or even work out comfortably due to pain an discomfort.

The Zumba shoes and/or dance shoes sole is designed with a spin spot to help you slide, twist and turn without sacrificing your knees.

Before I tell you my favorite ones, I want to encourage everyone that owns a pair of sneakers to check  the sole every so often to see if it’s in good condition. I advice to change your sneaker shoes every 6 months if you use them every day. I own 2 cross training sneaker shoes and 4 different pairs of sneaker dance shoes (of course I am a Zumba teacher :). I lift weights mostly every day and I wear my regular sneakers, then I switch to my  Zumba shoes to teach my classes. After my class, I put back on my cross training shoes to walk out the gym. I don’t advice to use your sneaker dance shoes for street walk.

My favorite Sneaker dance shoes:

This model was my first one before Zumba® came up with their designs.  I still love this one!!


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