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I come across a lot people every day who ask me: “Why am I not losing weight? I am eating healthy, I exercise every day but still I can’t make it.”  Well,  I ask: give me an example of what you eat on a daily basis and also explain me how you cook your food.  That is usually where I understand why this happens.

I find their eating habits contain a big amount of SODIUM. Either they cook with a lot of salt, use soy sauce, drink sodas and/or eat snacks like for example: Jerky turkey that have a big concentration of sodium.Unknown-10

WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!! Unfortunately, 80 percent is what we eat and only 20 percent is the amount of exercise. This is disappointing (and frustrating), I know, but as we age our metabolism starts slowing down and it’s harder to burn calories the same way we did when we were younger. WE HAVE TO WATCH SODIUM INTAKE AS WE WATCH HOW WE EAT, WHAT WE EAT, AND HOW WE COOK.Unknown-6

Excess SODIUM makes us retain water and increases our blood pressure.  That is the main reason why we can’t accomplish what we want in our weight loss journey. We have to keep our sodium levels below 2.300 milligrams or the equivalent of one teaspoon of salt.

AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION STATES: “Too much sodium in your system causes your body to retain (hold onto) water. This puts an extra burden on your heart and blood vessels. In some people, this may lead to or raise high blood pressure. Having less sodium in your diet may help you lower or avoid high blood pressure. People with high blood pressure are more likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke. READ MORE

Here are some foods to avoid and my tips:

  • DELI MEATS: One hot dog can contain up to 700 mg of sodium, while just one slice of regular deli ham can have over 300 mg. Choose fresh meats or fish instead to reduce the sodium intake.
  • BREAKFAST CEREALS: Some cereals can contain more than 200 mg of sodium per serving and if you are not watching your sodium intake close enough you can add up quickly. Choose instead, egg or egg white omelets.
  • BISCUIT AND PANCAKE MIXING: 800 mg of sodium per serving. Crazy right? Make your own pancake with oatmeal and eggs.
  • VEGETABLE JUICE: it has High concentrations of salt. A can of tomato juice can be a mini-sodium bomb at up to 700 mg per 8-ounce serving. Choose to squeeze the juice instead.
  • CANNED FOODS AND SOUPS: Some canned soups may contain up to 1,300 mg of sodium. Choose to make your own soup using low-sodium broth and fresh ingredients.
  • SAUCES: Ketchup has about 150 mg of sodium per tablespoon, and soy sauce can pack 1,000 mg of sodium per tablespoon. Choose natural herbs to decrease the amount of sodium.
  • FROZEN FOODS:  Many frozen foods have around 1,800 mg of sodium. Cook your own food to control the sodium.
  • DAIRY PRODUCTS: Even though diary has a great concentration of Vitamin D, They have a lot concentration of sodium. Personally I don’t eat diary. I take Caltrate D to get my vitamin D. If you can avoid dairy, great, but that is another subject I will write about very soon.


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