As I say: “BEAUTY IS EVERYWHERE” and fashion is also part of it. That is why I decided to include a menu on my blog for that.

Living in Minnesota where winters are long and cold, there are not many opportunities to dress up like I was used in Venezuela. When spring and summer arrives, I just get happy to wear wedges and open toe shoes, skirts, shorts, maxi dresses etc.

For a night out to just go out to a restaurant, I decided to wear this cute, summery and chic outfit. I love wedges, and I love colors very much. I decided to wear the green dress  that has a very light fabric and a chic design with my new gladiator black wedges. As accessory I decided to add an orange bracelet for some more pop of color.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! I was getting ready for a family brunch. I felt I wanted to wear something really summery,colorful, hippie and chic. I found this colorful long and light skirt that has a great flow. The colors reminded me the flag of my home country of Venezuela (Yellow, Blue and red). Wore it with a black t-tank and over it a yellow crochet cardigan. Added 3 layers of some fun necklaces and voila!!!


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Martha Ventura says:

    You looked super!!!..Love the Venezuelan outfit!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vani Beauty Tips says:

      Gracias ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  2. jillgoux says:

    I like that you added ‘Fashion’ to your blog! Rock on Vani! I love it.


    1. Vani Beauty Tips says:

      Yai!!! So happy you liked it .. 😘❤️🌺


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