When you work out, lactic acid builds up in your muscles. This often leads to muscle soreness and fatigue. Stretching after a workout helps to reduce muscle fatigue and it will help you recover better from tough workouts.

I was never a fan to stretch after my workouts. I remember walking out of the classroom back in Venezuela when it was time to stretch. I was always sore and my muscles were fatigued. At the same time I felt I was losing my flexibility and the ability to raise my arms all the way up and straighten my legs all the way!

Unknown-1Dancing every day, teaching my classes makes my IT BAND sore. My legs were looking bigger than how they are – or at least how I wanted them to be.


I was always getting massages to lose and eliminate the soreness. I was spending a lot of money and I hated the whole process.

When I started teaching Barre and doing more ballet, I learned how important is to stretch before, and while working out after. Now I really spend a lot of time stretching with my students.Unknown-5


I incorporated FOAM ROLLERS in my stretching when they are available at the locations I teach and I combine them with regular stretching routines. I own 3 different types of foam rollers at my house (harder, softer and with texture). Using them religiously has increased my flexibility tremendously and also my legs look and feel smaller (or at least more feminine). FOAM ROLLERS helps also break the FASCIA in the muscle.


· WARM UP: Stretch before you start working out. You need to warm those muscles up before you work them out hard.Unknown-6

· POST WORKOUT: Stretch again; spend time stretching to prevent lactic acid accumulation.

· SPEND TIME STRETCHING: Stretching is not a cardio workout; take the time to hold each position for at least 15 to 30 seconds.

· TRY HARDER EVERY DAY: At the beginning it might be difficult to hold some poses but every day you will become more flexible. BE CONSISTENT!

· USE FOAM ROLLERS; as I explained before, foam rollers are amazing to help us gain flexibility, they help to break down lactic acid and the fascia tissue.

· COMBINE BOTH: Start with the foam roller working every little part of your body and then do stretching exercises. Remember to take time to stretch holding the poses. If you can, get foam ROLLER FOR YOUR HOUSE. It wont hurt you to stretch more while watching TV.

Soon I will post best exercises to stretch using the foam roller.

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