As I promised in my last post, “SKIPPING MEALS TO LOSE WEIGHT?” I why I think people who want to lose weight should consider adding carbs to their diets.

This post is going to be a little bit longer because there is a lot of information but I will try to be as simple as I can for you to understand this complex subject.

Lets start from the beginning. When we hear the word DIET, most of us get anxious because and we think we have to starve ourselves avoiding carbs completely. I know, I know there are many different diets that promise quick results in losing weight when you avoid carbs. Eating like this IS NOT healthy. We have to include proteins, carbs and fats in our daily diet.

Now you might be thinking about your friend who did a low carb diet and lost a lot of weight!! I AM SURE HE OR SHE DID!! But the idea is not to lose weight fast and gaining it back in 2 minutes. The idea is to lose the weight little by little, keeping it off feeling and living healthy.


  • HIGH CHOLESTEROL: These diets are base in a high fat intake. They generally not good for you.
  • YOU WILL LOSE MUSCLE: When carbohydrate consumption falls below 100 grams, the body usually responds by burning muscle tissue.
  • PROBLEMS CONCENTRATING: Reader Digest states: “With virtually no carbs in your system, you may even have trouble concentrating. According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, the human brain requires the equivalent of 130 grams of carbohydrate a day to function optimally—and that’s a minimum.”
  • WEIGHT COMES BACK QUICKLY: Your metabolism will slow down.

We have to change our concept of DIET to a new way of eating healthy including (protein, carbs <good carbs> and fats.)

GOOD CARBS for the most parts are in their natural state or very close to it. They have not been processed Here are some examples:Unknown-2.jpeg

  • Whole grain breads
  • Bran Cereal
  • Green Vegetables
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Oatmeal
  • Potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Rice not white (a rule to remember:“if it is white, it ain’t right)
  • Quinoa

BAD CARBS are simple molecules of sugar digested quickly into our body. The energy is stored in glycogen and if it is not used immediately (burning them) they convert into fat. Generally we are talking about processed carb food. Here are some examples:

  • Candy & desserts6511170_orig
  • Sugared Cereals
  • Sodas & sugar drinks
  • Refined breads
  • Crackers (Yes, even the healthy ones)
  • Pastas (Yes, even the healthy ones)

I have learned how to eat right but it wasn’t easy at the beginning. Incorporating little changes every day into my eating habits made me achieve my weight goal slowly but surely. When I feel I go up a little I just stick back to these tips and the weigh goes back down. I am also an exercise lunatic and teaching Zumba and Barre mostly every day makes me be an active person. Incorporating exercise to your daily routine while doing these changes little by little you will train your brain a new way of eating right. Not deprive you completely from carbs, just EAT INTELLIGENT.


  • START CUTTING DOWN: Don’t get scared when I say that. If you are used to eat a cup of rice every day, start eating half.
  • EAT FRUIT ALONE: I had a misconception in this. I though because fruits are natural and healthy I could have smoothies all the time. The reality is that fruits are good carbs but yes they have a lot of calories and sugars. Instead of having juices, try to eat the fruit alone.
  • LUNCH: I prefer to eat a big lunch than a big dinner. I try to add my biggest intake of carbs at lunchtime. If, for example , I order sushi, I take out some of the rice of the roll (I look like a freak doing that) but I try to avoid eating rice in excess.
  • NO CARBS AFTER 5PM: I avoid eating carbs after 5 when is possible. I prefer salads or protein with veggies for dinner. I sleep better and I don’t wake up heavy and bloated.
  • GIVE YOURSELF A TREAT: Who is kidding who? We can’t be on a strict diet our entire life!!! Once a week or every other week, I treat myself with something that I crave. Our body needs a little bit of the bad stuff too J
  • NUTS FOR SNACK: great source of good fat but please IN MODERATION!! One hand full of them a day if you want to loose weight!!
  • REGULATE SODIUM INTAKE: Watch how you season your food. If you are using too much salt, you will retain water and you will feel bloated. LIGHT ON THE SALT PLEASE!!!

Thanks for reading and I hope my tips help your journey of losing weight.


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  1. Sarah Johnson says:

    Really enjoying your blog, Vanessa!


    1. Vani Beauty Tips says:

      So glad to hear that !! Thanks for reading and commenting.

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