DRY NOSE? here is my tip..

After I discovered I had allergies before being immune with the shots, I suffered from having a runny nose in times of flare. I live in Minnesota and as you all might know, the weather here is COLD about 6 months of the year if not more. I MUST LOVE MY MINNESOTAN HUSBAND VERY MUCH FOR NOT MOVING TO A WARMER PLACE!!!

When the weather starts to get cold, my nose dries like crazy. It gets to be so uncomfortable that I can’t stay still. At nights I always felt that I had something inside of my nose, I tried o blow but nothing came out. Sometimes I bled because of the dryness.

My solution? : Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)vaseline

Affordable, safe, easy to use and it works fast. Just apply a little bit with a Q-tip to the inside of the nostrils, massage it from the outside of your nose to help the product penetrates and VOILA!aid4797753-728px-Prevent-Dry-Nose-and-Throat-Due-to-Oxygen-Therapy-Step-7


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  1. Lilian Dembo de Waisman says:

    Daddy to the same. Excellent recomendation

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