If you have been reading my blog, you should know that I come from a country that SUMMER is the only season all year long. Moving to this city of Minneapolis has changed my life drastically.

Gray, rainy and snowy days affect me a lot and sometimes it is really hard to get up from bed. As soon as I start listening to music and get moving, I get into a high that helps me with that awful sensation.

Sometimes in days that I don’t teach and the weather is not nice, my mind plays tricks on me to stay in bed all day. What do I do? If I haven’t exercise enough during the week and I don’t feel like going to the gym, I blast the music and go to my basement where I have some equipment and start doing my routines from home. I FEEL SO EMPOWER AFTER!

Sometimes I just want to do a DVD or a Ballet and BARRE class online (read my post ZUMBA®, BARRE AND BALLET FOR LEAN BODIES) to feel motivated. Or sometimes my body needs some rest because I work out really hard all week. In that case I just try to do something else that motivates me: Painting, singing, writing etc. My point is:

Listen to your body and don’t let the weather make you down and depress!


1. ATTITUDE : Sometimes pretending to be happy for a short period of time is the mood momentum you need to start feeling good again. Smile at strangers. Straighten your posture. Do a goofy dance to your most upbeat music. Speaking of goofy dancing…

2. MOVE: Though it may be tempting to slouch on that couch or hide under the covers, the best way to beat any blah mood is to find every excuse to physically work it. Take a brisk walk to that coffee shop, walk vigorously in place, do some jumping jacks, walk up and down the stairs.

3. COLOR YOUR LIFE:. If the sunshine is hiding from you today, make your own fun and happy colors happen. Buy some freshly cut flowers, wear your brightest dress, treat yourself to some happy-looking earrings. Or wear some poppin’ eyeshadow!

4. AVOID NEGATIVE PEOPLE: If you are affected by cloudy weather, this is probably not the day to hang out with that high-maintenance Debbie Downer friend who always seems to have something new to complain about. Kick it with someone who really knows how to make you laugh.

5. PAMPER YOURSELF: Feeling emotionally fragile or exhausted by the overcast gloom? Maybe this is the day it’s okay to take that afternoon cat nap. Or when you dedicate an entire evening just to unwind without fulfiling any obligations. Hot bath and herbal tea, anyone?

6. DE-CLUTTER: Cloudy weather and clutter are a bad combination. Make the effort to clean up any disorganized or messy areas in your space. There will be less mess piles sucking your mental energy, and the sense of accomplishment will give you a picker-upper.

Think for a moment, what motivates you? and then DO IT!! 



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lourdes Blanco says:

    Love the de-clutter tip. It makes me soooo happy to de-clutter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vani Beauty Tips says:

      That is a great tip !!! De-clutter makes you feel renovated.. Thanks for reading and comment on my blog 😃

      Liked by 1 person

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