I have been very lucky to have my mom’s skin. I  never had to worry for hyperpigmentation and young wrinkles. Since I was 15 years old, she always taught me to take care of my skin with good creams .

As we age, we loose collagen, hormonal imbalances and pregnancy make wrinkles and sunspots appear.

After I had my son 7 years ago, I started to note 2 little age spots on my driving side of the face. They didn’t worry me too much and about 4 years ago they became a little bit darker and I decided to laser them. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE! They disappear completely.

Last spring I decided to take some hair vitamins (VIVISCAL), a month after I started feeling that my skin was itching on my driving side and 3 months later I developed brown pigmentation under my eyes and cheeks. I was devastated and uncomfortable. I never look and feel so awful. I went to 2 dermatologists to have different opinions and they agreed I had Melasma. They  both prescribe  HYDROCORTISONE for the itchiness,  HYDROQUINONE and TRENTINOIN to treat the “MELASMA”. My itchiness never went away and My skin can’t tolerate medical products ( I become super sun sensitive ) I was going crazy and embarrassed of how I look and felt. A 3rd dermatologist said to me: “that is not Meslama, it looks like what you have is POST INFLAMMATORY HYPER PIGMENTATION  ” . So, what about the itchines? I asked. He responded that he was pretty sure that it was related to an allergy. I was referred to an allergist.

I ended up having allergies to everything: Grasses, weeds, trees, dust mites, cats, dogs, pollen, even a mild allergy to some shell fishes which in my case were scallops (I was very shock about that because I eat them and never had a reaction.). Anyhow, it seems that VIVISCAL has some Shark Powder and Mollusk Powder that I was allergic too.Taking those vitamins every day was too much for my mild allergy not to react. The allergist asked me to STOP taking  VIVISCAL.


My treatment consisted at the beggining in taking allergy medicine in the morning and night, but my itchiness didn’t go away. Went back to the Dr and he suggested starting allergy shots in the fall to build up my immune system before this spring 2016.

It’s Spring 2016, the itchiness problem was solved THANK G –D with the allergy shots.

Now, what about my PIH? Having skin type 4 (olive skin) I don’t do very well with medical products that contain those bleaching ingredients because I get sun sensitive. THAT IS THE LAST THING I WANTED! It was then when I was introduced to the best skin care line ever!!

OSMOSSIS SKIN CARE. It has a holistic approach for the skin. The vitamin A has a derivate from retinol; Bark Extract and Retinal (.05% Retinaldehyde). Their promise is not to create sun sensitivity. I was so nervous to try the Vitamin A that I email  Dr Ben Johnson (the founder and formulator of this Skin care line). I told him my story and asked him if using the Vitamin A serums would make my skin more sun sensitive. His response was NO. He explained that those derivatives I mentioned above don’t have that effect because they were different. And he was right, I didn’t get sun sensitive. I was able to go to Turks and Caicos and spend beach days without getting worst.  Religiously and repeatedly I applied SPF, mineral powder and wore my hat. Read more about my favorite SPF and mineral powder in my post MAKE UP FOR EXERCISE?

In 6 months, my hyperpigmentation was cleared almost completely, and THANK G -NO more seasonal allergies! 

If you are the type of person that love medical products and peels etc. Please be careful with the sun because your skin will attract it more. NEVER GO OUT WITOUT A GOOD SPF and a hat while outside other wise you will get more hyperpigmentation.




Restore contains a patented oxygen molecule that has proven remarkable benefits throughout the body.This is one of the most important products from this line that treats Melasma and hyper pigmentation. You have to be discipline and take it at the beginning twice a day. Without this product it will be really hard to get rid of everything. Hyperpigmentation is an internal problem and we have to treat it from the root.

Day Routine:

  • Wash face with PURIFY
  • RESCUEover age spots or all over the face, day and night (can be use in combination with other serums as cocktail)
  • CATALYST AC-11 LEVEL  3 (normal Skin), . Can be use in combination with other serums as cocktail)
  • REPLENISHCan be use in combination with other serums
  • QUENCH PLUS as my moisturizer


Night Routine

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