Can you imagine finishing a workout and then look like the girl on the picture?

If you had the chance to read the article about me at the Msp Magazine I SAID: “I HATE WHEN PEOPLE WEAR MAKE UP WHILE EXERCISING”.

Your face is the first thing that people see; I am a believer that less is more. The older you get and the more make up you put the older you will look. If you have been reading me, you should know that I am exercise lunatic and I searcher for the new things to embrace our beauty not only outside but also inside.

Every day when I go and teach my classes I don’t understand why some people wear a mask of make up. Hello? Are you going to do Zumba in a club? I know it feels like if you were in  a big party!! But GIRL, you are going to workout and sweat like crazy!!!… It is very funny when people see me teaching and then they see me going out at night. They can’t recognize me. Why? Because I DON’T WEAR MAKE UP TO EXERCISE!!  When I go out at night I DO WEAR MAKE UP. Of course, I like to change how I look and sometimes I can put I little bit more or less depending where I am going. Being in the show business and in theater I have learned how to do different types of make up that I can write about in another post if you want BUT PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN AND PORES WHILE YOU SWEAT!!!

Always wear a SPF and mineral powder if you want over it to protect your face even better from the sun. After exercise, wash your face and carry with you your SPF and a mineral powder. Below is what I use.

I use INTELLISHADE  original formula that it is tinted and has an SPF 45

Sometimes I add over the INTELLISHADE  in the summer and hot days the press base from GLO MINERALS to have a bit more of zinc screen protection, I just love it!!




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